Fortune Law Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a divorce cost?
Costs vary with the complexity of the issues involved and amount of time necessary to spend on the case. You can have a great deal of control over keeping the costs to a minimum. The better prepared you are and the more issues you can work out with your spouse, the less the divorce will cost you.

What is a retainer?
A retainer is an amount of money deposited to secure the payment of your fees. The funds are held in our trust account and remain yours until we complete work on your case. Each month a billing statement will be sent to you showing the total work done and amount charged for that work. 

How much is your retainer?
Our retainer varies with the complexity of the case. In a divorce or any other type of case we make that decision after discussing the issues of each case and what steps will be taken to resolve those issues. We meet with you and determine how difficult the issues in your case will be and approximately how much time we will be spending on the case.

How long will my case take?
Just like the cost, the length of time it takes can vary. If the parties in a divorce can work out their issues it can greatly decrease the time for a divorce. The waiting period in Oklahoma for a divorce with minor children is 90 days.

How many of your cases do you win?
Actually, I have never won a divorce case. Anyone who tells you they have is not being truthful with you. There are never any winners in a divorce.

Then what are you going to achieve for me?
Our goals are take you through a very difficult and emotional time as quickly and easily as possible.

Why should I hire you instead of using a lost cost divorce?
Many of the people advertising low cost divorce are not lawyers. They may have worked for lawyers but will have never made an appearance in court and will not be allowed to appear with you in court. Often the Divorce Decree’s created by these offers are incorrect and will cause you to have to litigate your case further to resolve any mistakes.

Can I do this myself?
Yes you can. You will be held to exactly the same standard as if you are a lawyer yourself and you could be up against a lawyer representing the opposing party.